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Letter 1

I recently got a new computer of my very own.  I had one until earlier this year, which died.  My wife and I have been sharing one for much of the year, but it, too, is dying.  So we opted to get one of each of us.  When she presented mine to me, she imparted that much would be expected of me in taking sole ownership of a computer.

I have often expressed a desire to write, but I have put off doing anything about because I could never decide what to write about.  She strongly suggested that I pursue writing, and that the only way to grow in this area was to diligently write, anything, regularly.  In consideration of this advice, then, I am starting this blog, as a means of disciplining myself, and of thinking things out.

I’ve chosen to title this collection, “Letters from a Far Country.” I take the title from Luke 15:13, in the Parable of the Prodigal Son.  The prodigal finds himself “in a far country,” far from home, and in much distress.  Scripture teaches us that we are but strangers and wanderers in this world, and the ache for that other world throbs in our hearts.

So here follows some thoughts and reflections along the way.  To cheer, to guide, to warn, to amuse, to just pass the time along the way.


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