Letter 9: A Call to Worship for Easter Morning

Call to worship:
“It is finished!” The words fall down with the peal of thunder, echoing across the hills and valleys. Then darkness. Silence.
God is dead. We have killed Him, you and I.
Our prayers ascend to a silent heaven, where there is no one to answer. Our faith is in vain. From whence cometh our help?
Then come the women, looking to do properly what the men have rushed. To give final homage to the Teacher, and patch the hole in their own hearts.
All is amiss. The soldiers are missing, and the stone moved.
He is gone! Panic. Fear. Despair.
They spy the gardener. Perhaps he will know.
They ask, and he answers with a name.
And sears them with the bursting light of a thousand suns,
Obliterating the darkness,
Making bold the truth, which now we proclaim, joining with the faithful in every time and from every land:
Glory. Hallelujah. Amen.plate9-the-resurrection


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