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Letter 35: A Prayer for Penteost


Come Holy Ghost,

Alight on us as a dove

And bring us peace.

For we are tempest-tossed

And would thy comfort seek.


Come Holy Ghost,

Singe us with your fire.

For we are cold and dark

And would thy better tongue

To speak.


Come Holy Ghost,

Free as the wind,

Fill us, propel us,

Drive us where you will.

Be ever-breathing still.


Come Holy Ghost,

Shaker of worlds,

Hold forth God’s power

That all the world, and we,

Would see, and believe.



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Unrequested but Given

By Paul Koch – I often joke around with some of my colleagues that the reason I default to the historic liturgy of the church along with an established lectionary system is that I’m lazy. I don’t w…

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